Places to visit

The town of Vratsa is located at the foot of the Balkan mountain and the beautiful cliffs of Vrachanski Balkan start from the town square. The unique combination of the urban landscape and the natural beauty of Vrachanski Balkan makes the town a favorite site for tourists.


Some of the most popular natural, cultural and historical landmarks are the Ledenika Cave, the Thracian Rogozen Treasure and  Okolchitsa Peak.


The city visitors can also visit the largest historical museum in Northwest Bulgaria – the home of the Rogozen Treasure, the Mogilanska mogila treasure, the oldest written script in the world, the oldest skeleton found in Europe and other artefacts of national and international significance. Other tourist attractions include the Ethnographic Museum and the two medieval towers (the Kurtpashova Tower and the Meschiite Tower),  located mere meters away from the central square “Hristo Botev”. “Chaika” Hotel is located around 15 minutes walking distance from the central square towards the Balkan. In just a few minutes of walking towards Chaika you will forget about the bustling town and you will find yourself immersed in the incredibly beautiful nature of the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park, surrounded by 400-meter high vertical cliffs. 300 meters after the hotel, towards the village of Zgorigrad, you will reach the Vratzata Pass – a paradise for climbers and outdoor recreation.


The town of Vratsa can trace its roots some 16 centuries ago when the first inhabitants on these lands, the Thracians, laid the foundation of their first settlements.


Some of the other sights in close proximity to the town of Vratsa are the highest waterfall in Bulgaria – Skaklya, the archaeological complex Kaleto (Mezdra), the rock phenomenon Ritlite, the rock monastery Saint Ivan Pusti, Cherepishki Monastery, over 20 hiking routes, eco-routes, Borov Kamak waterfall, etc.